Vertical Glass Straight-line Beveling Machine
Vertical Glass Straight-line Beveling Machine

-- Brief Description
This machine is used for flat glass straight line rough bevel grinding, fine bevel grinding, bevel polishing and bottom round edging. The transmission adopts bearing structure, the bearings all adopt super warming bearings.
The glass processing friction is small and the transmission is more smoothly. In this case the processed glass achieves high precision.
The machine equips both automatic and manual oil supply system so the machine stays in good lubricating condition while working to help the transmission more stable.
Front and rear chain pad equips automatic cleaning device. It helps the front and rear chain pad to stay clean for longer lifetime. It is also great for maintain the quality of glass grinding process.
Electric control system adopts imported electrical components, using PLC for both automatic and manual control. Human-machine interface displays parameters such as thickness of the processing glass, glass beveling Angle, beveling width and thickness of remaining bottom thickness. The processing speed
is controlled by frequency stepless device.

Description Parameters   Description Parameters
Model No. F371 / F471   Min. Glass Size (mm) 20x20mm
Spindle Number (pc)  11/12   Installed Power (kW)  29kW
Speed (m/min)  0.6-7 m/min   Voltage 380V / 50Hz or customized
Bevel Angle  3-45 degree   Dimension  8250x1510x2750mm
Glass Thickness (mm) 3-19mm   Total Weight 7400kgs
Max. Bevel Width (mm)  60mm      

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